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H.433: Transforming Transportation in the Green Mountain State

This year’s Transportation Bill (H.433, the “T-Bill”) represents a significant investment in Vermont’s roads, railways and bridges. While fully funding the FY22 Agency of Transportation (VTrans) projects and programs, the infusion of new federal dollars also allows us to ramp up funding to cities and towns. The bill also uses one-time stimulus money to address climate change by providing more affordable, low-carbon transportation options to people across the state.

Transportation is transforming – internationally, nationally and here in the Green Mountain State. It’s a fundamental shift driven by technological change to electrified vehicles, as well as policy priorities regarding climate change and equity.

Many of the proposals in the Transportation Modernization Act (H.94) have been rolled into the T-Bill, including expanded incentives for electric vehicles and e-bicycles (with a strong focus on low- and moderate-income Vermonters); supporting smarter, denser planning through the Complete Streets program; improving access to EV charging stations for people who don’t live in single-family homes; fare-free public transit across the state through 2022; and bike safety.

With transportation accounting for 44 percent of Vermont’s carbon emissions, the T-Bill gives Vermonters the tools they need to switch to cost-effective, electrified options. With more choices and incentives to do the right thing, Vermonters will succeed on both climate and cost of transport fronts.