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The Vermont House voted today to give preliminary approval to H.183. This legislation takes a multi-pronged approach to tackling the epidemic of sexual assault and violence on our college campuses and beyond. First, H.183 seeks to increase pathways to justice for victims of sexual assault by expanding the definition of consent. This legislation is designed to give added protections to Vermonters who are sexually assaulted while incapacitated or who are otherwise unable to consent. Second, H.183 charts a course to better understand sexual assault and violence within Vermont. It would expand data gathering by law enforcement and support coordinated efforts to reduce incidents of sexual violence on college campuses and across Vermont through the creation of the Intercollegiate Sexual Violence Prevention Council. H.183 takes bold action to enhance safety and justice for all Vermonters.

The statistics are very worrisome.   This strategy together with the emergency order process to remove firearms from a residence under specific and narrow circumstances will hopefully safe at least one life,.