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Act 51 (S.62) Established the Unemployment Insurance Study Committee to examine the solvency of Vermont’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, its benefit structure, potential grants of authority for the Commissioner of Labor to reduce or waive certain penalties, and potential measures to mitigate the liability of reimbursable employers for some benefit charges.

In accomplishing this goal, the legislation establishes a broad list of things we are to consider, including:

  1. the solvency of Vermont’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund

  2. the adequacy and appropriateness of Vermont’s unemployment insurance benefits

  3. penalty periods and payments

  4. potential statutory changes to reimbursable employers

The UI task force will begin our work on Sept. 14. You can follow our work, and find agendas and supporting documents, as well as the livestream links, at our webpage. House appointees are Reps. Marcotte and Kornheiser;. Senate appointees are Sens. Sirotkin and Pearson.