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Overview of House Government Operations Initial Redistricting Plan
as Part of the Two-Bill Process Required in Statute

What is the process for this year’s redistricting work?

The redistricting process has been condensed by the five-month delay of the 2020 U.S. Census data, which impacted the work of the Legislative Apportionment Board (LAB). The LAB released its map at the end of November and just delivered its supporting narrative to the House on January 5, 2022. The late release of the LAB maps, combined with the Delta and Omicron surges, did not allow for the House Government Operations Committee (HGO) to take public hearings prior to the start of the legislative session, as it has done in previous redistricting years. Passing out an initial draft bill now, for review and feedback from local boards of civil authority (BCAs), will give the House Government Operations Committee more flexibility, additional time to work, and will allow a broader range of perspectives to be heard. In the coming weeks, as we hear from voices across Vermont, we will begin to make decisions for the final bill. The final redistricting plan needs to be completed by early April so House and Senate candidates can meet filing deadlines in May.

Serving on the House Government Operations Committee has been challenging and exciting. We hit the ground running: Already we have provided Town Meeting Day flexibility for form, and date of elections.  We will take up further assists to local governments in light of the persistent public health situation.