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Committee assignments fit well with Barre needs. Jonathan is assigned to Commerce   I to Way & Means.

In a return to unfinished business my committee is focused on the funding of a family and medical leave bill.       H.66, a bill to create a family an insurance (FMLI) program, was referred to the House Committee on General and Housing. Supporting all families through this universal program is a top priority for the House Democratic caucus, and the bill was introduced with strong support from 103 bill sponsors. Along with our work on childcare, we are delivering on our promise to help all families thrive across our state. Supporting caregivers and helping to meet families’ basic needs creates healthy, resilient communities. The creation of an FMLI program also assists Vermont businesses in recruiting and retaining employees to support a thriving and equitable economy. Jonathan and I both signed on to this legislation.

On my to do list is to return also to crafting a statewide  childcare bill.  Both these initiatives have Gov. Scott’s interest and support.  Although details may differ between administration and Legislature. Ways and Means just received a cost and  structure study from the RAND Corp. consulting.  (A copy is posted on the Leg. W & M Committee web page under “Documents.”  This study is the next step contracted  last biennium to move forward on supporting households with children.  As is very apparent Vermont’s economy cannot move forward without more workers.  This support for working has been shown to yield handsome rewards to household incomes, and  therefore  Vermont’s tax base.