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RAFFLE supporting home Improv Projects & Supporting Democrats

This summer, we’ll be raffling off three gift certificates to the home improvement business of your choice in Barre. So many projects, so little time…maybe this will help a bit? Tickets are $10 each or 3/$25, for prizes of $150, $100, and $50. All proceeds go towards...

Reasonable Limitations on the WHO and WHERE: Firearms

This topic has to be addressed by all public servants. The horrors of the recent past demand attention. I like to think that Vermont has performed sufficient due diligence that 'it cannot happen here.'  But we have had close calls. One day after being signed into law...

Huge WORKFORCE Investment Bill: S. 11

S.11: PROMOTING ECONOMIC AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT S.11 addresses the negative economic impacts of COVID-19 on our employers, workers and families and establishes opportunities to grow Vermont's economy for the future.   The bill creates or enhances programs to...

Vermont’s own CHILD TAX Credit

H.510: Supporting Vermont families with a child tax credit: At session's end, May 12th  the Vermont House passed to H.510 by an overwhelming 141–4 roll-call vote.                                                                                    Building on the...

House Adopts ETHICS Statute

S.171 Wins Final House Passage Establishing a State Code of Ethics This week the House gave final approval to S.171, a bill that establishes in statute a code of ethics for all three branches of Vermont government. The code applies to “all individuals elected or...

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