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FLOOD RELIEF NEEDED In Barre – Montpelier

Legislators representing Central Vermont unveiled a comprehensive flood relief bill today, aiming to bolster support for communities ravaged by the 2023 flooding and landslides. This omnibus legislation, tentatively titled the Flood Recovery Act, signifies a proactive...

Priorities for the second year of our Biennium: 2024

My  Priority is to lobby for fulsome recovery support here in my district: Barre.  The broad focus is to cover the shortfall in property tax collections attributable to flood  damage.  And recoup the emergency expenditures Barre made during and right after July 10th....

CHILDCARE & Early education Proposal

The lack of affordable, high-quality early childhood education profoundly impacts Vermont and its economy. As introduced, H. 208, an act relating to child care and early childhood education, develops a blueprint for a significant investment in our children, families,...

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