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Ed investment and changes help districts like BARRE

In my first session as your representative assigned to Ways and Means committee I heard first hand how irrational the current 'pupil weighting' schema is.  The chief researcher, Dr. Kolbe, PhD and UVM scholar lead a team which no matter how much digging they did could...

Support for more HOUSING Opportunities

INVESTING IN AFFORDABLE HOUSING & EXPANDING HOME OWNERSHIP TO MORE VERMONTERS The Vermont House today, during a roll call vote of 93-51, granted preliminary approval to a broad-ranging housing bill, S.79, which protects renters and landlords. The legislation...

VOTE BY MAIL, Becomes more permanent

UNIVERSAL VOTE-BY-MAIL FOR VERMONTERS The Vermont House has given preliminary approval today to a sweeping package of new state election laws allowing for universal vote-by-mail in all future general elections. This is an important bill to expand voter access and...

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