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Temporary Public Health Authority Grant to Towns Enacted

On Nov.  22, Monday of Thanksgiving week the legislature met and passed legislation to allow towns to implement local masking policies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in their communities and provide an extra tool to keep Vermonters healthy and safe. Given that the...


A bill that will prohibit the use of PFAS chemicals in consumer products also passed through the legislature this year, S.20. This is a monumental achievement, which reflects years of hard work on behalf of Democrats since 2016 when PFAS chemicals, also known as...

AFFORDABLE CHILD CARE gets Democratic Legislative Support

To better support our children, families, communities, and the state’s economy, Democrats passed H.171 this year which takes monumental steps to reforming our child care system, investing in our future, and supporting the next generation of Vermont’s citizens. H.171...

Ed investment and changes help districts like BARRE

In my first session as your representative assigned to Ways and Means committee I heard first hand how irrational the current 'pupil weighting' schema is.  The chief researcher, Dr. Kolbe, PhD and UVM scholar lead a team which no matter how much digging they did could...

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